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Fall in love with handcrafted statement drop earrings by Christie Nicolaides. 

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Anita Hoops TurquoiseAnita Hoops Turquoise
Anita Hoops Turquoise Sale price$399.00 AUD
Stefania Earrings TurquoiseStefania Earrings Turquoise
Stefania Earrings Turquoise Sale price$529.00 AUD
Giuseppina Earrings WhiteGiuseppina Earrings White
Giuseppina Earrings White Sale price$459.00 AUD
Emme Earrings MultiEmme Earrings Multi
Emme Earrings Multi Sale price$429.00 AUD
Cello Hoops MultiCello Hoops Multi
Cello Hoops Multi Sale price$459.00 AUD
Emma Earrings Hot PinkEmma Earrings Hot Pink
Emma Earrings Hot Pink Sale price$449.00 AUD
Emma Earrings GreenEmma Earrings Green
Emma Earrings Green Sale price$449.00 AUD
Amalita Earrings GreenAmalita Earrings Green
Amalita Earrings Green Sale price$429.00 AUD
Amaia Earrings GreenAmaia Earrings Green
Amaia Earrings Green Sale price$399.00 AUD
Cello Hoops Pale GreenCello Hoops Pale Green
Cello Hoops Pale Green Sale price$459.00 AUD
Amalita Earrings WhiteAmalita Earrings White
Amalita Earrings White Sale price$429.00 AUD
Zealie EarringsZealie Earrings
Zealie Earrings Sale price$589.00 AUD
Chrisanthi Earrings GoldChrisanthi Earrings Gold
Chrisanthi Earrings Gold Sale price$559.00 AUD
Thalia Earrings GoldThalia Earrings Gold
Thalia Earrings Gold Sale price$459.00 AUD
Mini Ari HoopsMini Ari Hoops
Mini Ari Hoops Sale price$329.00 AUD
Camila Earrings WhiteCamila Earrings White
Camila Earrings White Sale price$429.00 AUD
Anita Hoops OrangeAnita Hoops Orange
Anita Hoops Orange Sale price$399.00 AUD
Bambina Earrings BlueBambina Earrings Blue
Bambina Earrings Blue Sale price$439.00 AUD
Back SoonAmaia Earrings BlueAmaia Earrings Blue
Amaia Earrings Blue Sale price$399.00 AUD
Noemi Earrings TurquoiseNoemi Earrings Turquoise
Noemi Earrings Turquoise Sale price$569.00 AUD
Anita Hoops Pale BlueAnita Hoops Pale Blue
Anita Hoops Pale Blue Sale price$399.00 AUD
Ardito Hoops GoldArdito Hoops Gold
Ardito Hoops Gold Sale price$399.00 AUD
Piccola Earrings WhitePiccola Earrings White
Piccola Earrings White Sale price$379.00 AUD
Back SoonPiccola Earrings TurquoisePiccola Earrings Turquoise
Piccola Earrings Turquoise Sale price$379.00 AUD
Back SoonAmalita Earrings TurquoiseAmalita Earrings Turquoise
Amalita Earrings Turquoise Sale price$429.00 AUD
Back Soongreen & blue gold statement drop earringsgreen & blue gold statement drop earrings
Graciela Earrings Green & Blue Sale price$469.00 AUD
Graciela Turquoise BridalGraciela Turquoise Bridal
Graciela Turquoise Bridal Sale price$469.00 AUD
Liliana Earrings TurquoiseLiliana Earrings Turquoise
Liliana Earrings Turquoise Sale price$529.00 AUD
Bambina Earrings WhiteBambina Earrings White
Bambina Earrings White Sale price$439.00 AUD
Amalia Hoops Pale PinkAmalia Hoops Pale Pink
Amalia Hoops Pale Pink Sale price$189.00 AUD
Piccola Earrings Hot PinkPiccola Earrings Hot Pink
Piccola Earrings Hot Pink Sale price$379.00 AUD
Bambina Earrings Hot PinkBambina Earrings Hot Pink
Bambina Earrings Hot Pink Sale price$439.00 AUD