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Dakota Whitehand

Love letters from The Island

meet the bride

Dakota Whitehand

Dakota's wedding day was nothing short of a mesmerising affair, bathed in the glow of love and adorned with impeccable details. The engagement, taking place on the serene shores of Rottnest Island, was a delightful surprise, with Dakota just weeks away from welcoming their precious bundle of joy, Easton. Choosing the island as their ceremony and reception venue was a no-brainer; it held a special place in both their hearts. The wedding was a splendid blend of tradition and contemporary elegance, with Dakota's choice of the captivating Christie Nicolaides earrings standing as a testament to her adoration for art and a love for the colour green.

"I am obsessed with green and also wanted something a bit more traditional (pearls). When I found these earrings, I instantly fell in love with them and ended up planning my hair and make-up look around these."

Amidst a circle of mutual friends, she found herself face to face with Harry, a man who had been unknowingly attending the same events and parties throughout her life. Fate, it seemed, had a plan of its own. "At the time, I really wasn't interested in meeting anyone, but here we are,". Sometimes, love has a way of sneaking into our lives when we least expect it, and for Dakota, this serendipitous encounter led to a love story that would change her life forever. Dakota's wedding was a dream come true, set against the picturesque backdrop of Rottnest Island in Western Australia. The island, where she and her partner Harry got engaged, held a special place in their hearts, brimming with beautiful memories from their childhood and family holidays.


Bride | Dakota Whitehand @skyeandstaghorn

Dress Designer | And for love

Photographer | Ryan Murphy

MUA & Hair | Brittany Mason & Maria Caruso

DJ | Steven Boon @boon_shiva_blac

Immerse yourself in the enchanting allure of the Graciela Green & Blue Bridal earrings by Christie Nicolaides, which effortlessly elevate any bridal ensemble. Dakota was instantly bewitched by the eternal charm exuded by these exquisite wedding earrings, a captivating choice for brides seeking to adorn themselves with radiant elegance.