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Love letters from San Francisco

meet the bride

Charlie Neff

Introducing the bride, Charlie, a vision of sheer elegance and refined taste. Her wedding, an enigmatic elopement, embraced the allure of secrecy and intimacy. Adorned with the exquisite Amalita Clear Bridal earrings by Christie Nicolaides, Charlie found herself captivated by their timeless beauty. Against the backdrop of San Francisco City Hall, a historical gem reminiscent of iconic unions, Charlie and Johnny found solace in its timeless grandeur. As Charlie now imparts her wisdom upon soon-to-be-brides, she encourages them to bravely defy conventions and carve their own paths, for it was in the pursuit of their own desires that she and Johnny discovered an unmatched bliss.

"I really wanted an earring that was both timeless and elegant and I felt the Amalita Clear Bridal earring was exactly that. Because the cage around my face held my hair back, I needed an earring that would pop yet maintain a softness. The gold baroque frame with the saltwater pearls were the perfect balance. I have never felt so beautiful!"

Johnny and Charlie happened to share their high school years together, but it wasn't until they bumped into each other at a reunion after their graduation that things took a romantic turn. Their conversation was simply amazing, but Charlie had to cut it short since she had an early work shift the next morning. As they said their goodbyes, Johnny couldn't resist asking where she worked. When Charlie casually mentioned the tanning salon, little did she know that the next day would bring a delightful surprise. Johnny showed up at her workplace with a strawberry smoothie, and as they say, the rest is history!


Bride | Charlie Neff @charlieneff

Groom | Johnny Hentsch @heeeeeresjohnny 

Photographer | Meg's Marvels Photography @megs_marvels 

MUA & Hair | Beauty on Set @beauty_on_set 

Dress | Sau Lee @saulee 

Immerse yourself in the enchanting allure of the Amalita Clear Bridal earrings by Christie Nicolaides, which effortlessly elevate any bridal ensemble. Charlie was instantly bewitched by the eternal charm exuded by these exquisite wedding earrings, a captivating choice for brides seeking to adorn themselves with radiant elegance.