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Fall in love with handcrafted statement drop earrings by Christie Nicolaides. 

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Mirabel Hoops Pale BlueMirabel Hoops Pale Blue
Mirabel Hoops Pale Blue Sale price$329.00 AUD
Celine Earrings GoldCeline Earrings Gold
Celine Earrings Gold Sale price$469.00 AUD
Anaelle Hoops PearlAnaelle Hoops Pearl
Anaelle Hoops Pearl Sale price$419.00 AUD
Back SoonAmadine Hoops PearlAmadine Hoops Pearl
Amadine Hoops Pearl Sale price$429.00 AUD
Gabrielle Hoops PearlGabrielle Hoops Pearl
Gabrielle Hoops Pearl Sale price$459.00 AUD
Ella Hoops PearlElla Hoops Pearl
Ella Hoops Pearl Sale price$399.00 AUD
Vivienne Earrings SilverVivienne Earrings Silver
Vivienne Earrings Silver Sale price$459.00 AUD
Clemence Hoops GoldClemence Hoops Gold
Clemence Hoops Gold Sale price$349.00 AUD
Giselle Earrings PearlGiselle Earrings Pearl
Giselle Earrings Pearl Sale price$469.00 AUD
Giselle Earrings TurquoiseGiselle Earrings Turquoise
Giselle Earrings Turquoise Sale price$469.00 AUD
Xanthe Earrings GreenXanthe Earrings Green
Xanthe Earrings Green Sale price$469.00 AUD
Bettina Earrings PinkBettina Earrings Pink
Bettina Earrings Pink Sale price$469.00 AUD
Back SoonBambina Pale Pink BridalBambina Pale Pink Bridal
Bambina Pale Pink Bridal Sale price$439.00 AUD
Graciela Clear BridalGraciela Clear Bridal
Graciela Clear Bridal Sale price$469.00 AUD
Amalita Clear BridalAmalita Clear Bridal
Amalita Clear Bridal Sale price$429.00 AUD
Chrisanthi BridalChrisanthi Bridal
Chrisanthi Bridal Sale price$559.00 AUD
Zealie BridalZealie Bridal
Zealie Bridal Sale price$589.00 AUD
Amalita Pearl BridalAmalita Pearl Bridal
Amalita Pearl Bridal Sale price$439.00 AUD
Anita Hoops Dark OrangeAnita Hoops Dark Orange
Anita Hoops Dark Orange Sale price$399.00 AUD
Back SoonBambina Earrings Pale PinkBambina Earrings Pale Pink
Bambina Earrings Pale Pink Sale price$439.00 AUD
Amalita Earrings ClearAmalita Earrings Clear
Amalita Earrings Clear Sale price$429.00 AUD
Amalita Earrings BlueAmalita Earrings Blue
Amalita Earrings Blue Sale price$429.00 AUD
Graciela Earrings BlackGraciela Earrings Black
Graciela Earrings Black Sale price$469.00 AUD
Graciela Earrings ClearGraciela Earrings Clear
Graciela Earrings Clear Sale price$469.00 AUD
Graciela Earrings TurquoiseGraciela Earrings Turquoise
Graciela Earrings Turquoise Sale price$469.00 AUD
Loren Earrings ChocolateLoren Earrings Chocolate
Loren Earrings Chocolate Sale price$439.00 AUD
Emma Earrings ChocolateEmma Earrings Chocolate
Emma Earrings Chocolate Sale price$449.00 AUD
Noemi Earrings ChocolateNoemi Earrings Chocolate
Noemi Earrings Chocolate Sale price$569.00 AUD
Cello Hoops ChocolateCello Hoops Chocolate
Cello Hoops Chocolate Sale price$459.00 AUD
Alice Earrings WhiteAlice Earrings White
Alice Earrings White Sale price$459.00 AUD
Alice Earrings Pale PinkAlice Earrings Pale Pink
Alice Earrings Pale Pink Sale price$459.00 AUD
Anita Hoops WhiteAnita Hoops White
Anita Hoops White Sale price$399.00 AUD