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Please note our terms, conditions & care instructions and frequently asked questions below


The minimum purchase amount for the $25 reward is $300 AUD. This reward is valid only on your next purchase. This reward is valid for ONE USE only. Refunds or credit notes to the value of the $25 reward cannot be offered if you have already made a purchase previously.


Please note that only one discount code can be used per transaction. This policy will not and cannot be amended as our online store can not customise or automate such requests.


Please note that the option to view in alternative currencies will show while browsing and selecting. Once you reach the shopping cart, the currency will convert back to AUD. This is due to the cart only being able to charge transactions in one current option only (Australian Dollars). The transaction price in AUD will be a conversion of the preferred currency you browsed/ selected your items in.


Please note that depending on where your items are being sent to, you may incur additional fees such as duties, tax or VAT unique to your country of residence.

Please note that this is outside of our control.


Please note that all SALE and OULTET items are final. There is strictly no returns or exchanges on any SALE OR OUTLET item.

In Store Pick Up

Please allow 2 days for In Store Pick Up orders to be processed. You will receive an email once your order is ready for collection.

If you wish to amend your order in any way, please email enquries@christienicolaides.com.au

If you have selected In Store Pick Up by mistake, but require your order to be sent via post, you can pay for postage here


Our jewellery is made of polished gold-plated brass inlaid with semi-precious and acrylic stones/ beads and freshwater pearls. Our jewellery is handmade and each and every piece is unique. 

Natural Stones & Pearls

Please note each and every piece of jewellery is hand-made and due to the use of freshwater pearls and natural stones your jewellery will vary slightly from the image provided online.

As there are variations in the natural stones some may appear darker or lighter in colour. If you have a preference, please indicate this in the comments section or contact our team directly and we will endeavour to meet these requests.

Variances and veins found throughout our stones and pearls are naturally occurring characteristics. These naturally occurring variances are not deemed as faulty and are characteristics unique to each piece. Our pearl beads may feature bead holes which are standard in the production process of pearl beads globally. The placement of these bead holes are unique to each pearl. These production features are not a fault and items cannot be exchanged or returned on these grounds.


Please note that occasionally the pendant at the top of the earrings is different for the clip-on style. Please look closely at the images provided.

Product Care

To avoid tarnishing and prolong the life of your jewels we recommend keeping them in the box provided. Additionally, to maintain their shine and condition it is recommended that they do not come into contact with chlorine, nail polish removers, body lotions, soaps, perfume and hairspray.

To clean your jewellery, we recommend using a suede cloth. Please do not use water or any other cleaning agents as they can be abrasive and can remove the plating from the jewellery.

Mati Collection Product Care

The Mati collection is created using 24k gold plated sterling silver, mother of pearl and freshwater baroque pearls. 

Every Mati piece is handcrafted with care. To prolong the life of your pieces and avoid tarnishing we recommend avoiding water, surf, chlorine, nail polish remover, abrasive cleaning products, body lotions, soaps, perfume and hairspray. 

We recommend storing your pieces in the box provided when not wearing them. If cleaning is required we recommend a suede cloth to polish.

Dimensions & Weight

The weighs & dimensions are listed in the product description. The weight provided is per earring.


If goods are lost or damaged in transit, please contact us within 7 days of receiving your parcel so we can assist. 
For all information on delivery times and guidelines please click here.

For any further queries - contact us enquiries@christienicolaides.com