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In the heart of London's vibrant Southbank, amidst the sultry ambiance of a June evening, a love story began its enchanting tale. Fast forward five years, and here stands a beautiful couple newly married, still as fervently in love as that first encounter.

We had the privilege of hearing in depth the details of Veronika's timeless wedding, set against the backdrop of a picturesque French château.

How did you first meet?

"Our first date was in Southbank in London. It was a warm June evening, and I remember being fashionably late (the truth is, I somehow got lost on the way), running around trying to locate the bar he had chosen. Still in our mid-20s, we loved going out, meeting new people, and partying, but we met online. Who knew that we would be here 5 years later, still equally in love and married."

And what was your first impression?

"From the very first moment, he just knew how to make me laugh, and this was the key for me. Conversation was so easy, and to this day, we talk so much every day - I absolutely love it. Not to mention the initial attraction, of course. It was a summer night, one of my favourite seasons - everyone always seems more relaxed and happy. And there he was - very tall with dark ginger hair, lots of freckles, and a great smile, which is very much my type."

Tell us the story of your proposal

"We got engaged on New Year's Eve night of 2022 in a small village in the Cotswolds. The Cotswolds are quintessentially English - beautiful scenery, chocolate-box villages, vibrant market towns, and miles and miles of countryside walks. Escaping for New Year's Eve has become our thing, as I prefer to start the new year in a more private setting far from big London parties. We booked a little cute chalet, took our dog, and set out to the countryside for a few days. To be honest, I did not see this coming at all. That night, we cooked dinner, opened a bottle of wine, and had a lovely date night when suddenly, mid-conversation, he goes down on one knee and asks me to be his wife. Everything about it was perfect - the surprise, the very intimate, private setting, and even the fact that we had our dog Bonnie (@ourbonniegirl) with us."

How did you choose your Christie Nicolaides Earrings?

"I am definitely an earrings girl, and I love it when they make a statement. Since I opted for a very classic dress with no lace or appliques, I knew earrings would be the key to complement my look. I came across Christie Nicolaides on Pinterest and Instagram.

My idea was to make a statement and, as it is traditional, combine it with “something blue” so when I set my eyes on the Graciela earrings, I knew they were perfect! I love their unique shape and baroque pearls and the fact that I can also wear them to various dates and events after the wedding as they are very versatile. I got so many compliments about them on the day and every time I wear them now, they always get noticed."

What inspired your dress?

"I wanted something very classic, chic, but also modern and sexy. I feel less is more, and in my everyday style, I like clothes that make me feel comfortable but also confident. I tried a few different styles, but everything felt a little too bridal for me. I was never a girl who dreamed of being a princess on her wedding. I wanted my look to be unique and very modern but also something that wouldn’t date. I turned to simpler styles, and what can make you feel more confident and sexy than a silk dress?

What I also loved is that I can wear my dress beyond the big day as it can be easily repurposed into a summer dress. I also decided not to wear a veil, which wasn’t very traditional of me, but after trying a few options, it just didn’t feel like me. When I tried on chiffon wings, I immediately fell in love.

Shoes were the easiest choice. I opted for Manolo Blahnik, a brand that I know and wear as I needed something comfortable and trusted. The embellishment at the front of Hangisi addas a bit of playfulness and fun to the outfit."

Where did you get married?

"I have always been drawn to France and its elegant, effortless feel. Paris is my go-to city every year as my closest friend lives there. Meanwhile, the south of France offers beautiful weather, excellent wine - and being an architect - the idea of getting married in a Chateau tucked away in the French countryside was very appealing.

We exchanged our vows between old trees on the grounds, and in the evening, an intimate dinner party unfolded under a string of festoon lights in the Chateau’s courtyard. I wanted an outdoorsy, leisurely affair that would not only make our guests feel relaxed and comfortable but also feel authentic and really 'us.'

As an architect and interior designer, I really wanted to oversee every detail of the wedding planning and make it true to our style and likes. The Chateau provided a perfect background with its architecture and didn’t need much decoration. I opted for various hues of white and off-white to complement the surrounding greenery with gold accents. We have also decided on vintage French cross-back chairs to add a little rustic look to the mix."

Tell us about your bridesmaids

"It was a very special moment for me as my closest friends now live all over the world – respectively in France, Poland, England, Australia, and Tokyo – so to have them all in one place was the highlight of the day. I had 4 bridesmaids, and I opted for simple black slip dresses and... a black suit since one of them was my friend Peter. At first, everyone was surprised at my choice, especially our mothers, as black is still seen not as an obvious choice for the wedding. None of my friends like pastels, and I felt the contrast of black and white would look very classy and timeless. I let them choose their own silhouettes and accessories as I wanted them to feel comfortable and make it more personal. Now looking back at photos, I am so happy with my choice."

Any advice for soon-to-be brides?

In terms of planning, I would say don’t rush it. Make sure you allow yourself enough time to really dig deep into how you want the day to look, what style you want to go for, as it is so easy to get overwhelmed or influenced by looking at all these beautiful wedding examples. It’s important to take a step back and realise what it is that makes your day yours. But also... enjoy it! Wedding planning was at times stressful but also so much fun. I loved picking out flowers, designing table setups, and then seeing these ideas realised in real life. When the day comes, it goes by in seconds, so I feel it's so important to let go at that point and just fully enjoy the day and your friends and family."

What was your favourite part of the day?

"It's probably the only occasion in my life when I had the opportunity to have all my friends and my family in one place at the same time. Seeing them interacting with each other, having fun, and celebrating our love was the absolute highlight for me."


Bride | Veronika Keegan @ve.skl

Photographer | @harmoniephotography

Dress | Grace Loves Lace Summer Gown

Shoes | Manolo Blahnik Hangisi slingback in Champagne

Chiffon Wings | Made with Love Bridal

MUA | @careymakeuphair

Location | Chateau D’Oche in Dordogne, France @chateau_oche